Shop The Glamour Ranch - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did you get into the beauty and fashion industry?

A: From a young age I was always obsessed with fashion, style, and makeup. Upon transferring home for college, I found myself seeking a part time job while I pursued my major and the local Clinique counter was hiring. Knowing little to nothing about cosmetics, except that I was interested in the way they made people feel, I applied and got my start at Herbergers! I went on to work for other companies such as Estée Lauder and ULTA as a beauty consultant and professional makeup artist and fell deeper in love with the experiences I was able to give my clients! Fast forward to 2018 and with the encouragement of family and friends I launched a small bridal artistry business and it quickly grew to the point that I needed additional artists! Now, we are looking to expand into offering our beautiful clients amazing lashes and accessories as an extension of our business! Things have come full circle!

Q:  How do I know which style of mink lashes is right for me?

A: When looking through the website, and checking out our social media, be sure to make a mental note of which styles of lashes are most intriguing to you. We pride ourselves on the thought that our lash styles (and accessories) range from “mild to wild” and that there is a set of lashes for each client’s style! A general rule is if you like something a bit more soft, we recommend Cheyenne, Amarillo, or Laramie. If you like something fuller and more fluffy we suggest Dallas, Pendelton, or Fort Worth. And if wild is your thing, we love Nashvilles! The other thing to keep in mind is that our lashes have a soft cotton band that can be trimmed (from the outside edge) to create a lash that fits your eye shape and size.

Q: Does your adhesive contain latex?

A: Because latex allergies are common, and often clients are unaware of their allergy until they are having a reaction, we have opted to not use Latex or Formaldehyde in our lash adhesive formula.

Q: What is your general return policy?

A: Given the nature of safety and sanitation that is crucial to ensuring your health, all lashes, lash tools, and adhesive sales are final sale and will not be offered a return policy. Jewelry and accessories must be returned within 7 days of purchase and must have all original components and packaging and show no signs of wear to qualify for a merchandise credit - any returns made will be at the postage expense of the customer. With that being said, should you receive damaged or otherwise defective merchandise, please let us know immediately via the contact form on our website and we will work with you directly to remedy any issues. We do not hold responsibility for issues with postage or shipping, however we will do everything we can to help remedy the situation!

Q: Who photographed your images?

A: All of the images were products of some incredible local photographers! Campaign Images were courtesy of Malaya Creations and Rule Creative Co, Product Images were shot by Rule Creative Co, and the Image Used for the Beauty Services Link was shot by Alyssa Rados Photo!