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Luxury Mink Lashes - Style: Amarillo

Luxury Mink Lashes - Style: Amarillo

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Ready for a breezy picnic under the Amarillo sky? These lashes are perfect for you! Offering the classical gradient flair that we all love, Amarillo Lashes have a soft and wispy look to create that "come hither" flirty look. Soft enough to wear to church, or full enough for a beautiful softened bridal lash, these lashes are truly perfect for every occasion. The lash band measures 35mm, and the mink fibers range from 5-10mm in length (starting with 5mm closest to the inner corner of your eyes, and flaring out to 10mm at the edges)!  If you are in the market for a soft and natural flair, these lashes are for you.

Other Features:

- Flexible band, crafted in a manner to ensure that you can customize the lash band length to fit your unique eye size and shape

- Luxury Mink Fibers 

- High Quality Crafting, ensures that you are able to use these up 20 times with proper care!

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