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The Glamour Ranch

Quick Trim Lash Shears

Quick Trim Lash Shears

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It's no secret that the key to great lashes is ensuring that the lash band has been custom fit to frame your baby blues. The best way to get the perfect trim without effecting the shape or fullness of your mink lashes? Using a miniature shears to get the job done!

Due to the small and precise tip on the Quick Trim Lash Shears you are able to trim precisely where you need to in order to ensure the perfect fit along the lash base. We always recommend taking the new set of lashes and gently applying them to the lash line of your lid WITHOUT any adhesive first and measuring the distance that fits your unique eye size and shape. Then, once the measurements have been made with suggest trimming the lashes to fit your needs from the outside in to ensure the shape of your lashes is not interrupted! That's it! You have perfectly shaped and trimmed lashes to ensure a comfy and secure fit! Follow up with the "Stick 'Em Up" lash adhesive for an all day wear, and you will be set for anything you encounter along your trail.

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