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Luxury Mink Lashes - Style: Cheyenne

Luxury Mink Lashes - Style: Cheyenne

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Who says classic isn't beautiful?! Cheyenne lashes add a soft pop to any natural eye look, think the classic "I woke up like this" vibe. This lash style is so soft and natural, you can wear them with or without makeup to give your eyes a revitalized and awakened look. The lash band measures 35mm, and the mink fibers range from 5-10mm in length! The lash fibers are strategically placed to mimic your natural lashes and give a fresh-faced aesthetic.

Other Features:

- Flexible band, crafted in a manner to ensure that you can customize the lash band length to fit your unique eye size and shape

- Luxury Mink Fibers 

- High Quality Crafting, ensures that you are able to use these up 20 times with proper care!

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